Thursday, March 17, 2011

Climate Change Battle

A new app, Climate Change Battle (that is the tentative name at the moment) is in work...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Baseball Trivia! is on the Google Android Market

Baseball Trivia! is a game for your DROID / Android / Google mobile phone. WARNING: This is not a game for beginners.

- new v1.2 The game is now FREE with ads enabled.
-v1.1 fix to local scores to lower the scores seeded in the db

Answer before the timer runs out and receive bonus points! (You have the option to disable the question timeout.)

Post your scores online to compete against other players! Applies to U.S. MLB regular season from 1900 through April 1, 2010.

  1. Press the "Play new game" button.
  2. Select a game from the list: "Random questions" is a game of 10 random questions; or select one of 10 games of 10 fixed questions each (Game 1 - Game 10).
  3. Alternatively, you can press the "Play last saved game" button which will resume the last game that you saved.
  4. When your game is over you have the option to save your score online to compete against other players.
Help tips:
  • Scoring: you get 10 points for each correct answer + the number of seconds remaining on the timer (with the timer enabled). With the timer disabled (from the settings screen) you only get 10 points for each correct answer. Post your scores online to compete!
  • Anytime during a game you can select a menu item (from the question screen) to save your game and return to it later from the home screen after you have exited the app.
  • You have 30 seconds to answer each question. The question timeout can be disabled from the settings screen, in which case you have as long as you need to answer each question. (You will not get the bonus points in this case.) The settings screen is a menu item on the home page.
  • You can disable sounds from the settings screen (from the home page menu).
If you're having problems with downloads, installs, refunds, payments, or Android Market access, please contact the Android Market team through the Android Market Help Center and user forum.

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Astronaut Trivia! Lite is available on the Google Android Market

    We just released "Astronaut Trivia! Lite v1.0" on the Android Market. It is available to download to your Android, Droid, Google mobile phone. This is a lite version with 2 games of 10 questions each. The subject is U.S. Astronauts and U.S. Space vehicles and programs.

    For help, see the FAQ for String Theory Trivia - the games are very similar.

    There is also a bonus screen (which is not a game) to help NASA's human spaceflight program, Constellation. For help on this, see the post for SAVE the Astronauts!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Help for SAVE the Astronauts! on Android:

    1. Copy the text of the message(in red): tap and HOLD the red text in the text box. This will bring up a menu, from which you should select "Copy All". Note: if you only tap once and do not hold, you will bring up the keyboard to edit the message. You can also copy it from there.
    2. Click on the link to the White House contact page This will bring you to an official White House website with a simple form to fill in and submit. Paste your copied text in the form field "Message". You may edit the message there before submitting the form.
    3. Fill in the rest of the required fields in the form and submit the form.
    4. email any questions or problems to
    This app does not send automated emails.

      SAVE the Astronauts! is available on the Google Android Market

      SAVE the Astronauts! helps facilitate using the official White House contact web site to send a message of support for the NASA Constellation program which will be killed in the President's new Budget if something is not done to save the program. We must HELP or the United States will have NO WAY to send astronauts into space!  In addition to this, tens of thousands of jobs will be lost across the country.

      This is a simple app with a sample message that the user can cut and paste into the White House website form, and a link to point the user to the White House online form. The user can then edit the message before sending it. The app does not send the form for the user or send any type of email or submit any online form automatically. The app simply provides users with a sample message and points them to an official White House contact website to make the process a little bit easier, and encourage support for NASA's manned spaceflight program.

      The reason we wrote SAVE the Astronauts! can best be summarized by quotes from the op-ed piece by Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post on February 12, 2010:

      "...By the end of this year, there will be no shuttle, no U.S. manned space program, no way for us to get into space ... which the U.S. has dominated for nearly half a century...
      ...Our absence from low-Earth orbit was meant to last a few years, the interval between the retirement of the ... space shuttle and its replacement with the Constellation program (Ares booster, Orion capsule, Altair lunar lander) to take astronauts more cheaply and safely back to space...
      ...But the Obama 2011 budget kills Constellation. Instead, we shall have nothing. For the first time since John Glenn flew in 1962, the U.S. will have no access of its own for humans into space -- and no prospect of getting there in the foreseeable future...
      ...Of course, the administration presents the abdication as a great leap forward: Launching humans will now be turned over to the private sector, while NASA's efforts will be directed toward landing on Mars...
      ...This is nonsense. It would be swell for private companies to take over launching astronauts. But they cannot do it. It's too expensive. It's too experimental. And the safety standards for actually getting people up and down reliably are just unreachably high...
      ...Sure, decades from now there will be a robust private space-travel industry. But that is a long time. In the interim, space will be owned by Russia and then China... [Obama] is quite prepared to gratuitously give up our spectacular lead in human space exploration...
      ...Today the manned space program will die for want of ... 1/300th of last year's stimulus package ...
      Fifty years ago, Kennedy opened the New Frontier. Obama has just shut it."

      dodoBird developers is not affiliated with NASA or any contractor of the Constellation program.

      Wednesday, January 20, 2010

      String Theory Trivia! is available on the Google Android Market

      String Theory Trivia! is available on the Google Android Market for you to download to your Google, Android, Droid mobile phone. This is possibly the first trivia game about String Theory!
      This game has 20 total questions divided into two games.


      There are 20 multiple choice questions (of mixed difficulty) worth 10 points each. With the question countdown clock enabled (default) you get 10 points for each correct answer plus bonus points equal to the number of seconds remaining on the clock. If you disable the countdown clock, you only get 10 points, but of course you have as long as you need to answer the question and google your way to the correct answer (if necessary)!

      This is multiple choice: in the case that (A), (B), and (C) are all correct and (D) is "All of the above", the RIGHT answer is (D). In this case, if you select anything other than (D) "All of the above", your answer will be WRONG according to our scoring rules.

      Post your scores online!

      You can disable the question timeout and/or the sounds from the settings page.

      Submit a comment to report problems:

      Please note that we are not experts in String Theory (we just think it's really cool), so please report problems that you find with the questions or answers, as well as any bugs with the software. If you are reporting a bug with the software, please include your mobile device name and the version of Android or Droid that you are running. If you have any String Theory questions that you would like us to include in the next version, let us know and we'll try to include them. Thanks.

      New in v2.2: Can now post your scores online. Divided 20 questions into two games. New look and feel.

      New in v2.1: Menu "Help" links directly to the String Theory post on

      New in v2.0: Added links to Google the underlined blue text. Changed color scheme to black on white with blue underlined links.

      New in v1.2: Extended question countdown timer to 2 min, per comment from user. Thank you for your suggestion.

      New in v1.1: corrected a typo in the End User License Agreement (EULA).